Hannah’s Hope Chest


She is all dressed up now. Many hours have been spent primping and prepping. A little rough at first but with time, love and attention, her
latent inner beauty is ready to …

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Making Drawers, Part 1

I have put off making drawers for the Hope Chest until near the end because I was not confident in my dovetailing skills. I have not had
time to hone my skills …

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Oh, That Sweet Smell!

Some steps in a project are more enjoyable than others; some are downright fun! Such is the case of making tongue and groove panels from
Port Orford Cedar. First a bit about …

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Topping It Off

I seem to misplace things more and more lately, or maybe it just seems so. And when you simply cannot find
something no matter how long you look, it is time …

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Drum Roll Please.....!

The time had come. After many hours of fitting and checking and fitting again I ran out of excuses. It was time for assembly. I decided to apply
some finish to all of the inside …

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I love Quilting

I really do enjoy fine, handmade quilts. The patterns and texture of fabrics carefully arranged into infinite varieties of patterns and the incredibly detailed stitching that
hold them all together is quite remarkable. But what I …

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Coming Together

There are usually several milestones in a project that are moments of truth. I recently reached one of those moments. It was time to do a
complete dry fitting of the frame assembly. I was …

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Back in the Shop Again

I had a few good days out in the shop and made some progress on the Hope Chest Project. The design calls for beads on the framework around each
panel. The beads were added to …

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Hope Springs Eternal

While the this blog has remained silent for many months, my shop has been quite busy. The noise of production machinery has dominated my hours but there have been the […]

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Is there still Hope?

  Wow, what a fall!  I have been very busy and time has flown by.  I did manage to grab a few spare moments to work on the Hope Chest […]

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