Firewood Finds

I admit, I am addicted, however I am not ashamed.  I am a wood junkie. I find it somewhat honorable to save wood from a demeaning death. Some wood is meant to be burned, it is fitting and proper. But some wood is meant for glory. The other day a friend of mine mentioned that he helped fell a neighbor’s tree and while reducing it to firewood thought I might be interested in some pieces. I have wood in my shop up to the rafters, literally, and I really do not have the time to be milling more. But he persisted that it was oak and had some real crazy grain. We met for coffee one morning and he brought a couple pieces with him. Here is a piece:


Okay, this wood was meant for glory. I think I will go over to his house and dig through his pile. I cannot help it. I need more. 


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  1. KC

    I wonder if it “Gary Oak”
    see this Wiki article.

    I noticed a lot of trees with strange bark when I was on San Juan Island and that is what they turned out to be. I will have to see if I can obtain some of the wood next time I visit the islands.

  2. David Jeske

    I hope to talk about them soon

  3. Fred West

    Dave, I too am a wood junkie and that piece that you posted is gorgeous. If some of it should accidentally fall into a UPS truck please make sure they have my name and address.:o Fred

  4. Doug

    Oh, now I’m curious, what type of chisels are in the works now?

  5. Tim Oakley

    Dave – the pile of wood is yours for the searching. In the process of sorting, you could re-stack the discards on our wood rack on the deck to be ready for winter burning…

  6. David Jeske

    The pieces are typical split firewood about 14 inches long and not very big. However, I have a new set of chisels coming out and some of it may become the prototype handles. Also, I think there is enough to make a few small boxes with. The wood will need to dry for a while so I used anchor seal on the ends.


  7. You are certainly not alone! What size are the pieces and do you have any ideas of what to do with it?


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