How to Sharpen a Marking Knife

It has been on “the list” for a number of years.  I am not much of a video person and it seemed like a complicated task requireing all kinds of expensive equipment. So when Chris Schwarz pulled out his little Canon G10 and and asked “so what do you want to make a video of?”, I stumbled a bit and then recovered with, “how about: How to Sharpen a Marking Knife?”. The setting was a booth I was sharing with Tim Lawsen’s Port Townsend School of Woodworking during the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington.  Tim pulled out a sharpening stone, Chris was already to go so….action!  One cut, here it is:

Thank You Chris! 

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  1. Excellent video. Beautiful marking knife.
    Looks like a fine quality piece.
    Thanks for posting.


  2. Nice tricks especially for the point. As a coincidence, I noticed I needed to hone my small BS marking knife today, but put it off to tonight (cooler!) Will give those a try. The micro-backbevel will be handy, too, as I’ve had the knife easily cut into the reference stock.


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