Is it Hip to be Square?

Every woodworker needs a good square in their shop and it is even better to have squares that match the scale of your workpiece. We are pleased to announce the availability of a very limited number of hand crafted squares. They feature brass bodies and rosewood infills and come in sizes that are most useful for a majority of  woodworking tasks. They feature a classic adaptation of traditional brass and rosewood materials with a hint of modern design. The bodies are machined extensively from solid brass to combine strength and rigidity with lighter weight. This gives a solid foundation for clamping and pinning the ground, high carbon steel blade to ensure long term accuracy. The rosewood infills were book-matched and carefully fit into the bodies. These fine squares are a pleasure to hold and and will give a lifetime of use for your finest work. There are only a few sets and individual sizes available so act quickly. (They also make a wonderful gift for the special woodworker in your life!)

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  1. David Jeske

    I wanted to get the word out to my blog subscribers that they were available. They sold out quite fast. I am working on some different squares that will be regular production. Stay tuned. Have a joyful Christmas. Dave.

  2. Tony Sade

    Dave- What’s the point of the advert about the squares when they’re all marked “sold” and have been since I noticed them on your site (about a week)? More to come? Merry Xmas. Tony


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