A Long Time Coming

 After a long absence we are pleased to re-introduce our bench and butt chisels. We have changed some suppliers and processes and refined the design. I believe they are better than ever and are some of the finest chisels available today.  The materials, the machining, the heat treating, the grinding, the attention to detail, the balance and feel all come together to give you a tool that will help bring out your finest work, a tool that is a joy to use and that can be passed on to future generations. Here are a couple of Quick Links:

Butt Chisels

Bench Chisels

While we do currently have all sizes in stock, the availability is still somewhat limited as we strive to build our inventory. If you do not see what you are looking for give us a call or email and we will let you know when to expect new stock.

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  1. Rob Drown

    They look amazing. I have a 3/16 dovetail chisel and it looks delicate but works amazingly well. What steel are these made from or is that propriatery?


    1. The steel is high quality, USA made A2. It has been heat treated and tempered to a hardness of Rc 60.


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