Puppy Days of Summer Sale and T-Shirt Extravaganza

Greetings from a very hot Pacific Northwest. You might be thinking “Wait, the dog days of summer are toward the END of August.”maggie bench dog Between the weather here being so uncharacteristically hot and an impatient puppy in the office, we can’t hold off the sale until the end of the month! Maggie, Blue Spruce Toolworks’ shop puppy, wants the entire specials inventory to go. She has asked us to push the sale up to the end of this week.

As in the past, we will post select tools on the specials page, and it is first come first serve on what is available. The tools will be an assortment of extra special tools and some slightly blemished discounted tools. Some examples are handles made with special wood or a tool with a small scratch.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also, we are excited to introduce official Blue Spruce Toolworks T-shirts. These have not previously been available for purchase on our website. We have a limited quantity of most sizes. Check the specials page for the availability. If there is a t-shirt size or tool listed, it is available. (Thank you Toné and Evan for being so willing to model)

The sale will start this Friday (August 8) 7pm Pacific Daylight Time. These tools usually go very quickly, so act quickly if you want a good selection. We will post a reminder on our Facebook page, so “like” our page for an update about this sale. As always, be sure to subscribe to this blog in the side bar for updates about future events and sales as well as insights into what is happening at Blue Spruce Toolworks.

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  1. Thank you everyone for participating in our sale! Besides 2 chisels and a few tee shirts, we completely sold out. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow this blog for updates on future sales. – Hannah

  2. Frank

    Hi Dave, regarding t-shirt sizes will there be an XL?




    1. It looks like we sold out of all of our XL shirts. Sorry about that!

  3. Steve Kindem

    Wasn’t able to find your sale items


    1. They will be available for viewing when the sale starts at 7pm tonight PDT (or 3.25 hours from now)


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