Like most things at Blue Spruce Toolworks, good things take time! We are excited about our new website and invite you to take a look. There will be more pictures and current information to keep you up to date on what is going on at Blue Spruce Toolworks. We have many new products in development as well as some special limited edition tools and specials. Be sure to keep an eye on the website and subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already. Feel free to send me any thoughts you may have on how to improve the website or blog . It is an honor to serve our customers and provide you with handtools for your finest work. I hope to see some of you at WIA!  Dave.

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  1. David Jeske

    Thanks!, I agree on the font color. We will change it to be lighter.

  2. Joel

    The new website looks great. One observation is that it is really hard to read the green writing with the black background on the store page. Maybe you could change that.


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