The Dog Days of Summer Sale

Sometimes after the flurry of summer activities, vacations and getting the kids off to new schools, it is a good time to take a little break. Time to relax on the deck with a nice cold one and feel the hot summer days turning into cool, crisp nights (at least here in the Northwest!) and plan for upcoming fall projects and workshop improvements. This may include some new tools help you hone your skills and encourage you to do your finest work.  To help get you started I have been assembling some tools over the summer that I am offering at substantial savings.  Announcing….the……..

1st Annual Dog Days of Summer Scratch and Blem Sale at Blue Spruce Toolworks.


Most of the tools have small, inconsequential scratches or defects in the wood or are of  non-current production design. I will be posting more tools over the next few weeks under the Specials section of my Tool Store on the website. I will post a quick note on the blog to let you know when new tools are added so be sure to sign up for the blog. In addition, at the end of September I will randomly select someone who is signed up for the blog to receive a free chisel or marking knife.  I hope you have a great end to summer and a fruitful fall season.

Mandy is Taking a Break from her Bench Dog Duties


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  1. David Jeske

    So glad you like it! Maybe we can get together sometime. After the comments section there is a place to subscribe to the blog, I cannot really do it for you as you need to authorize the subscription.  I will be down in Pasadena for the Woodworking in America show October 12th and 13th.

  2. Bob Howard

    Hi Dave. Your mom passed on the blog and I love it. I liked your little sharpening video. Please put me on the list as I can then keep up with you. First time ever to reply to a blog. All is well here. I hear it is with you all also. In reading your blog, you give some very nice kudos to what I guess are manufacturers of other types of equipment. Would it make sense to start a catalog of “Stuff I use”. I know some guys who make a living off of catalog sales on the internet. Anyway, a thought. Say hi to all the family and much love to all. Bob

  3. David Jeske

    They went pretty fast. I think for the next batch I will pre-announce when the tools will be posted. That may give everyone a shot at them.  The other choice is to just randomly put them up on the site over time.  Does anyone want to comment on either of these ideas?  Dave

  4. Shawn Nichols

    Awww, I saw a bunch earlier but didn’t pull the trigger. The prices were great. Maybe next time and maybe I’ll be a lucky winner! Love the blog Dave.

  5. Jon McGrath

    I guess I missed it ??? Oh Well, always enjoy the blog and newsletter. While only a beautiful BST mallet so far in my tool arsenal, I hope to increase soon with a set of bench chisels.

  6. Dave Jeske

    She’s an Australian Shepherd – Sheltie mix. Getting kind of hard for her to run around like she used to as she is over 14 years old now. What a sweetie though.

  7. Bob Finch

    Looking forward to getting some more great tools. Thanks, Bob


  8. Wow, The first 15 tools were spoken for in less than two hours. I will try and put some more on later tonight.
    Thank you all very much. i hope you enjoy the tools.

  9. Serge

    Thanks a lot)) good to know about having a chance to have a great tools with the little discount. Thanks Dave

  10. Peter Walker

    lovely dog -tools arn’t so bad either


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